We are a strategic research consultancy with the mindset, skillset and network to help organisations unlock 10x value in a digitally accelerating world. We study global trends, best practices across industries and apply them locally.

We empower others with our:

✔ diversity, global mindset and experience,
✔ technical, commercial & business acumen,
✔ ability to see the big picture & anticipate issues,
✔ responsiveness,
✔ agile, multi-disciplinary professionals working collaboratively, cross-functionally, with subject matter experts when necessary.

Working with us is fun and collaborative. We’ll break down the problem(s) / jargon for you and create win-wins.

We keep it simple.

We enlighten, inspire and improve.

We’d love to get to know you. Reach out to Mei, our Principal – your knowledge and innovation partner today.

Our clients

The world is our oyster. Our customer-base is spread between Europe and the Asia Pacific. We work with corporates, banks, manufacturers, law firms, associations, family offices, startups and small medium enterprises who want to transfer knowledge, innovate and transform into agile organisations.

What our clients say

MWKA Tech have been a pleasure to work with. Great communication with the team, and fantastic initiative + effort from their end to help us push through our project goals.

– JL Tan, Chief Marketing Officer, Mogu Technologies (Singapore)

Ying Mei brings to the table a vast range of expertise and experience. An individual who commits herself to the tasks at hand and delivers them with unwavering commitment.

– Kee Aun Tan, Chairman, Malaysian Mensa

You complied exactly with our request and understood our needs. All our wishes were fulfilled by MWKA.

– Henning von Zanthier, Managing Partner, VON ZANTHIER & SCHULZ Berlin (Germany)