You have booked the 1 hour Online Strategic Impact Lightning Decision Jam to move your team forward.
Why do this
The purpose of this sprint is to:
– identify what works, what doesn’t
– uncover your teams insights, thoughts and ideas to solve one problem
– agree on a specific set of actions which will be carried out in the attempt to move your organisation forward.
What you get
– A brief but deep experiential learning about how efficient team collaboration and communication should be. (Definitely NOT like hour-long unproductive meetings some of us may have experienced!)
– An efficient download of all your team members thoughts regarding specific issues. (Even the quietest team member will contribute.)
– You will also get an online dashboard of all your team’s inputs for future action and consideration.
What NEXT?
The 1 hour Online Strategic Impact Lightning Decision Jam is a taster session which can be carried out on a regular basis as a systematic way of solving organisational issues that require attention depending on priorities, impact and effort required. Let us know if you require a package (discounts available!) and how we can help support your business learning and growth.