We are very excited to announce that MWKA Technologies, a boutique strategic and innovation consultancy, is now a certified HubSpot solutions partner!

At MWKA Technologies, we are always striving to empower people and organisations to learn and grow, and now as a HubSpot partner, we are better equipped than ever to do just this.

Why this matters to you

HubSpot is a leading cloud-first inbound marketing, sales, service and CRM platform with powerful system integrations. As a HubSpot solutions partner, we are well-positioned to collaborate with our clients to implement best in class inbound services delivery and growth-driven website design services to help your business grow better amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, arming you with data and providing actionable insights for businesses. This allows for a smoother collaboration between the different teams, and a more engaging experience for your customers.

This is complementary to our existing services which include agile coaching, digital transformation consultancy and implementation, innovation sprints, training and amongst others.

Case Study: Read about Inbound Marketing for the Construction Industry to drive leads online and offline.

What our co-founder and principal consultant, Mei Lum, has to say:

HubSpot is a top SME inbound marketing SaaS provider and has a very strong ecosystem to help SMEs and growing organisations succeed. As an organisation that lives and breathes to help SMEs and family businesses innovate and grow, I believe this partnership will be very beneficial to our clients and will help us grow too.

Our team is very excited to help SMEs move past the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic with strong content and digital strategies backed up by data which is easy to navigate and helps make data-driven decisions.

In celebration of this event, we are providing free consultations to all SMEs who wish to review their digital strategies until 31 October 2020. Alternatively, fill up this form to get a free customer relationship management system.

About MWKA Technologies

MWKA Technologies is a boutique strategy and innovation consultancy with the mindset, skillset and network to help organisations unlock 10x value in a digitally accelerating world. We have been empowering people in Asia-Pacific and Europe since 2011 in the areas of innovation, digital transformation, change management, inbound marketing, blockchain and financial technology.

We are a group of agile, multidisciplinary professionals who work collaboratively, cross-functionally, with access to specific subject matter experts when required. We study global trends, best practices across industries and apply them locally.

We bring together the technical frameworks, commercial and business acumen, facilitation talent, and tools to make innovation breakthroughs possible. With deep Industry Expertise in Technology, Financial Services, Professional Services, Education, Healthcare, Construction, Real Estate, we are your Innovation Partner from all aspects – We Help You Grow.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business grow with the HubSpot tools and solutions – whether by revamping your digital strategy, or increasing your online brand presence and getting more leads – please schedule a complimentary consultation with us
HERE, or get in touch with us at hello@mwka.tech .

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